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Doctor Who season 10

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“Doctor Who is a fantastic series created by the British Air Force, first appeared on television screens back in 1963 and quickly became one of the most popular projects of the time.
The plot of the series has its origins in the 60s of the last century in the United Kingdom. A fifteen-years-old girl named Susan Foreman studies in one London school. She behaves quite strange for the time being. However, her behavior is noticed and two school teachers – Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, decide to find out what are the reasons of this. They decide to trace the young student and when Susan comes in a strange building that looks like an old barn, they immediately rush to her. However, after entering the room, the teachers find a police telephone box and a mysterious old man who calls himself the Doctor instead of the young girl. Imagine their surprise when it suddenly turned out that this phone booth is actually space-time spaceship called Ā«TARDISĀ». That was only the beginning and many more incredible discoveries and adventures are waiting for the main heroes.