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Game of Thrones season 7 synopis

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The main storyline repeatedly branched. With each season, links between families are becoming more confusing, even the main characters die. The scenes of murders, struggles, love and confrontation were filmed in different countries, in the most picturesque places. Because the tv series Game of Thrones has become not only fascinating, but also spectacular. His plot is different from the heptology plot of Martin, although at first everything was exactly the same. The latest season of the tv series can be found at TopTvShows.cc – site with huge tv shows data base available for download with direct link. Millions of fans made the project one of the most successful in the history of fantasy.

Seventh season of the cult fantasy series “The Game of Thrones” continues the highly topical lines of the characters.

Cersei Lannister after the events of the sixth season there are no allies left at all. The move that she took to strengthen her own power and overthrow the enemies did not bring her much success, yet she does not abandon attempts to fully rule Vasteras.

The death of Walder Frey resulted in a brutal struggle for the reign of Riverrane. Jara and Theon Greyjoy, joining forces with Dyeneris, intend to defeat Eiron Grajdja, who took power on the Iron Islands by force. With them, Tirion Lannister is sent to Vasteras. Miario is ruled by Daario.

Olena Tyrell wishes to take revenge on Cersei, mercilessly ruining her family. To do this, she merges with Varis, Daeneris and Ellaria Send.game of thrones

Jorah Mormont is treated for a fatal illness, taking many attempts to defeat her.

Receiving the news that John Snow is the son of Lianna Stark and Reyggar Targarien, Brandon Stark, along with Mira Reid, travel to the South.

Snow himself, in anticipation of the inevitable and terrible battle with the Others, is actively preparing for this battle. He goes to the Deyeneris Targarien to get the only weapon in the seven kingdoms capable of killing the White Walker. Winter has already come and can not be delayed – the walkers are getting closer.

In addition, the development of the history of Brienne Tart, Sandor Kligan and the Brotherhood Without Banners.