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The series The Counterpart will tell you the story of the ordinary petty official, who has long worked in the UNO. In the twilight of his career, he realizes that he has not reached great heights in his life. However, his dream was to climb to the highest step. Almost all of his friends and acquaintances long since crossed the secondary level of clerk and exceeded Howard’s position. During sleepless nights, he reflects on the options for improving his life. Now, Howard discovers that the government keeps a big secret. Seriously hoping to find the answer to this mystery, he discovers that there is a parallel world. Howard does not stop on the reached and this is a new success – he was able to talk with his counterpart from a parallel world. The main character is going to know all the details of a reality with the help of his twin. Will Howard translate his plans into reality? The question is whether the government will not intervene, because this project is classified. The list of TV series provided by website.  You can download these series from the website provided.

Queen of the South is a TV series in the style of a dramatic thriller that tells the audience the story of a girl Theresa. At first, Teresa lived in Mexico, but after a drug trafficker killed her friend, she was forced to go to another country.Queen-of-the-South-USA
The main character moves to Spain, where she is going to settle down for a long time. Because of this she creates her own business, namely drug trafficking. As it should be in such situations, she is eager to avenge the murder of close for her people. Patty Farrell is a person with whom Teresa was able to start her drug business. They formed a huge network of drug trafficking, found a common language with the drug lords from Italy, France and even Russia. Queen of the South is the way how Teresa was named for her cynicism and cruelty. Will the main character manage to avenge for her friend, and can she hold so much power in her small, but very brave and strong hands?


Secret City is a TV series the storyline of which introduces the viewer to a reporter Harriet Dunkley, who has started a secret investigation of the collision which is taking place for a long time between the USA and China. She learns that in this case there were political assassinations, which were successfully hidden from the society. For the purposes of the investigation, Dunkley is going to fly to the capital of Australia in order to find a secret city populated by the corrupt officials of each of these two states. But at this point no one will be delighted with the uninvited guest, which is why, deadly threat appears over the searches of Harriet.

Animal Kingdom is a criminal drama which starts after the young man Joshua, in connection with the death of his mother, is forced to move to the relatives to Southern California.

animal-kingdom-headerThis family is controlled by Janine and her right hand is the eldest son named Pope. His other brothers are also involved in the development of the generic enterprise of Janine, committing robberies and other tasks. After the arrival of Joshua, it becomes clear that his kin is closely connected with the bandits and the most importantly, that now he even unwittingly, becomes the element of the criminal universe.

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