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Cheers is a comedy series which first appeared on the television screens in 1982 and then it has been shown during the long eleven years. During this time, the project has become very popular either in the United States or beyond the country. It should be noted that the sitcom has been given many prestigious awards, among which twenty-eight awards “”Emmy””. Four times the show has won in the category “”Best Comedy Series”” and it makes it probably one of the most popular sitcoms in the television history.
The action takes place in Boston, namely in one of its bars called “”Cheers””, whose owner is a former professional baseball player named Sam “”Mayday”” Malone. A lot of visitors, including ordinary residents, as well as friends and acquaintances of the owner come to this bar day by day. All they come here to have a drink and chat on a variety of topics. Each series of the show has a great positive charge because it is filled with a huge number of provocative jokes and sparkling humor.

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