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The Director of the “Skyscraper” called in his new movie Alicia Vikander

British Director Ben Wheatley wants to see Vikander in the sci-Fi Thriller Freakshift.

Now Alicia Vikander starred in the movie “Lara Croft,” but the training will be useful for her project Whitley. Freakshift will show the confrontation between cops and monsters. If Vikander will be the only woman in the film “Skyscraper”, it will be not surprising in the Thriller “Shootout” Wheatley was confined to a single brie Larson.

Freakshift promises to be even bigger and more ambitious earlier projects Whitley. It will be a satirical fiction Thriller, which the Director develops 2012.

Five years ago, Ben Wheatley said that this movie will not only include cool action scenes, but the sharp dialogue and emotional scenes, and compared the project with the series “Blues on hill street”. “I have been there, like TV shows about cops, several teams. All professionals, but it will be about monsters, so it will be a lot of action”.

Whitley told me that Freakshift will absorb some of his favorite video games, especially Doom. “My main characters are running around with guns blazing, like in Doom, and shoot the monsters”.

The Director noted that the picture has a satirical touch. “There’s something from Paul Verhoeven in terms of satire. Won’t be so heartbreaking as in the “death List”, but very hard. And a lot of action”.

By the way, the movie has a Twitter account where you can get something interesting. For example, concept art of the police. And also we suggest you makedownton abbey season 6 download directly to your phone and watch it when you have some free time.

The release of “Aquaman” will be held two months later

When it became known that “Avatar 2” will not be ready to hire in December 2018, has formed a very attractive window on December 21. Studio in the West is exactly the same as and in Russia, like holiday releases, as the Christmas premiere of guarantee fees are not worse than in summer.

What until December of 2018, this is the first December in the last three years where there is no film in the franchise “Star wars.” Next year is expected the release of the movie about Han Solo, but he is scheduled for 25 may. Aquaman movie release date taking the 21 Dec, not only got a tasty date, but have a lack of serious competitors.

Interestingly, the “Aquaman” has become a catalyst for the movement in the release schedule. The former date, October 5, 2018, instantly caught Sony, saying the resurrection of the almost forgotten project “venom” from the universe of spider-Man. Standing on the same date “a Girl who was caught in the web” was demolished on October 19th, where she will spoil the blood of Warner’s “jungle Book: Origins”.

As for the ill-fated sequel to “Avatar”, its release is delayed for a long time. Initially the film was planned to release in December 2014, but since then the date has changed three times. Last week James Cameron said the following sentence: “We’re not shooting “Avatar 2”. We shoot “Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5″”.

Superman will be in the franchise “Mission: impossible”

Henry Cavill has joined the cast of the sixth part of the franchise “Mission: impossible”.

This was announced by the film’s Director, Christopher Mcquarrie in his account in Instagram. “Look, Henry Cavill. I was wondering, if you an interesting role in the sixth part of “Mission: impossible”? If you don’t mind”. It Cavill replied: “How can I refuse a man with such perfect hair?”

The conversation went on. “Very Good, Henry. There’s only a small caveat: you have to love great heights, speed and all kinds of transport (including aircraft), to perform tricks and to withstand intermittent explosions,” wrote the Director. “Well, I’m ready!” — replied the actor.

Of course, these negotiations were part of the PR film. The Studio never allowed to report about the failed transaction in social networks, if you have not signed a contract.

The film “Mission: impossible 6” will be based on script by Mcquarrie. The film will be Tom cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner. The Thriller will be released in us theaters July 27, 2018.

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