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It is a show about the work of the special agents team of the US Navy. Their task is not easy as they have to carry on and reveal the crimes of the Navy. It is evident that such cases differ from others as for their specificity. American sailors, who are called to serve their country, are under suspicion and one has to dig for them with extreme caution. The group is led by superspy Gibbs. His team includes ex detective Anthony Dinotstso, super-secret agent Kate Todd, an expert in medicine named Abby Skyuto, as well as a pro on computers and technology Timothy McGee. Dinotstso often works undercover, risking their lives, but does everything for the sake of a common goal! We truly suggest to you watch previous seasons of this show and start from season 1. That is NCIS show which is renewed for the 14th and 15th season.

Matthew Perry told The Hollywood Reporter about his new play called The End of Longing, a black comedy about four heroes suffering from love and dependence. The actor, famous for his role as Chandler Bing in the TV series “Friends”, not only plays one of the main roles in the play, but also performed by its author.

Perry admitted that in the production he had a little squandered with the series “Marine Police: Special Department”, having avenged thereby that for a long time he overtook “Friends” in the ratings. In the play, the hero Perry asks: “Why is there the same thing in every episode of the Naval Police?” And his stage partner Jennifer Morrison replies: “You know, you’re right. There’s always a crime. Mark Hermon comes and unravels him. And all this is exactly the same again and again. ” “And 17 million people watch this shit every week,” Perry replies.

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