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Orange is the New Black download last Season


Orange is a New Black – is a comedy drama series, an American production, which tells us about a hard life in prison. The television series is based on an autobiographical book by American writer Piper new-black all seasons

The creation of the series involved talented Jenji Cohen, who is widely known for her project “Shoals.” The premiere of the series Orange is a New Black took place on the Netflix service in mid-July 2013, when all 123 episodes of the first season were uploaded to the network at once. For the next 2014, the television series was deservedly nominated for the prestigious Emmy Award at once in twelve different categories, including as Best Comedy TV series. Received three awards. In 2015, due to some changes in the requirements for candidates, the series was eliminated from the comedy category, and moved it to dramatic, but in this category the series earned four awards. On site you can always download all the series Orange is a New Black, learn more about your favorite actors.

Stay white and fluffy, being in a pack of evil wolves, it’s very difficult! Prison life – a theater whose characters are constantly in the internal struggle, move from the dark side to the light side and vice versa, revealing new unexpected qualities, while the prison throws up new surprises. The main character – Piper Chapman, a lovely young woman from Connecticut, enjoys her well-being: a successful marriage, good friends, and prospects in business. So far, one day, like a bolt from the blue, it is not overtaken by American justice for a long-standing offense. Once on the other side of the metal grill, an intelligent woman, accustomed to comfort, tries to survive in difficult conditions for her …