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Game of Thrones season 7 synopis

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The main storyline repeatedly branched. With each season, links between families are becoming more confusing, even the main characters die. The scenes of murders, struggles, love and confrontation were filmed in different countries, in the most picturesque places. Because the tv series Game of Thrones has become not only fascinating, but also spectacular. His plot is different from the heptology plot of Martin, although at first everything was exactly the same. The latest season of the tv series can be found at – site with huge tv shows data base available for download with direct link. Millions of fans made the project one of the most successful in the history of fantasy.

Seventh season of the cult fantasy series “The Game of Thrones” continues the highly topical lines of the characters.

Cersei Lannister after the events of the sixth season there are no allies left at all. The move that she took to strengthen her own power and overthrow the enemies did not bring her much success, yet she does not abandon attempts to fully rule Vasteras.

The death of Walder Frey resulted in a brutal struggle for the reign of Riverrane. Jara and Theon Greyjoy, joining forces with Dyeneris, intend to defeat Eiron Grajdja, who took power on the Iron Islands by force. With them, Tirion Lannister is sent to Vasteras. Miario is ruled by Daario.

Olena Tyrell wishes to take revenge on Cersei, mercilessly ruining her family. To do this, she merges with Varis, Daeneris and Ellaria of thrones

Jorah Mormont is treated for a fatal illness, taking many attempts to defeat her.

Receiving the news that John Snow is the son of Lianna Stark and Reyggar Targarien, Brandon Stark, along with Mira Reid, travel to the South.

Snow himself, in anticipation of the inevitable and terrible battle with the Others, is actively preparing for this battle. He goes to the Deyeneris Targarien to get the only weapon in the seven kingdoms capable of killing the White Walker. Winter has already come and can not be delayed – the walkers are getting closer.

In addition, the development of the history of Brienne Tart, Sandor Kligan and the Brotherhood Without Banners.

The latest news about the movie

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The Director of the “Skyscraper” called in his new movie Alicia Vikander

British Director Ben Wheatley wants to see Vikander in the sci-Fi Thriller Freakshift.

Now Alicia Vikander starred in the movie “Lara Croft,” but the training will be useful for her project Whitley. Freakshift will show the confrontation between cops and monsters. If Vikander will be the only woman in the film “Skyscraper”, it will be not surprising in the Thriller “Shootout” Wheatley was confined to a single brie Larson.

Freakshift promises to be even bigger and more ambitious earlier projects Whitley. It will be a satirical fiction Thriller, which the Director develops 2012.

Five years ago, Ben Wheatley said that this movie will not only include cool action scenes, but the sharp dialogue and emotional scenes, and compared the project with the series “Blues on hill street”. “I have been there, like TV shows about cops, several teams. All professionals, but it will be about monsters, so it will be a lot of action”.

Whitley told me that Freakshift will absorb some of his favorite video games, especially Doom. “My main characters are running around with guns blazing, like in Doom, and shoot the monsters”.

The Director noted that the picture has a satirical touch. “There’s something from Paul Verhoeven in terms of satire. Won’t be so heartbreaking as in the “death List”, but very hard. And a lot of action”.

By the way, the movie has a Twitter account where you can get something interesting. For example, concept art of the police. And also we suggest you makedownton abbey season 6 download directly to your phone and watch it when you have some free time.

The release of “Aquaman” will be held two months later

When it became known that “Avatar 2” will not be ready to hire in December 2018, has formed a very attractive window on December 21. Studio in the West is exactly the same as and in Russia, like holiday releases, as the Christmas premiere of guarantee fees are not worse than in summer.

What until December of 2018, this is the first December in the last three years where there is no film in the franchise “Star wars.” Next year is expected the release of the movie about Han Solo, but he is scheduled for 25 may. Aquaman movie release date taking the 21 Dec, not only got a tasty date, but have a lack of serious competitors.

Interestingly, the “Aquaman” has become a catalyst for the movement in the release schedule. The former date, October 5, 2018, instantly caught Sony, saying the resurrection of the almost forgotten project “venom” from the universe of spider-Man. Standing on the same date “a Girl who was caught in the web” was demolished on October 19th, where she will spoil the blood of Warner’s “jungle Book: Origins”.

As for the ill-fated sequel to “Avatar”, its release is delayed for a long time. Initially the film was planned to release in December 2014, but since then the date has changed three times. Last week James Cameron said the following sentence: “We’re not shooting “Avatar 2”. We shoot “Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5″”.

Superman will be in the franchise “Mission: impossible”

Henry Cavill has joined the cast of the sixth part of the franchise “Mission: impossible”.

This was announced by the film’s Director, Christopher Mcquarrie in his account in Instagram. “Look, Henry Cavill. I was wondering, if you an interesting role in the sixth part of “Mission: impossible”? If you don’t mind”. It Cavill replied: “How can I refuse a man with such perfect hair?”

The conversation went on. “Very Good, Henry. There’s only a small caveat: you have to love great heights, speed and all kinds of transport (including aircraft), to perform tricks and to withstand intermittent explosions,” wrote the Director. “Well, I’m ready!” — replied the actor.

Of course, these negotiations were part of the PR film. The Studio never allowed to report about the failed transaction in social networks, if you have not signed a contract.

The film “Mission: impossible 6” will be based on script by Mcquarrie. The film will be Tom cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner. The Thriller will be released in us theaters July 27, 2018.

Synopsis of TopTvShows

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The series The Counterpart will tell you the story of the ordinary petty official, who has long worked in the UNO. In the twilight of his career, he realizes that he has not reached great heights in his life. However, his dream was to climb to the highest step. Almost all of his friends and acquaintances long since crossed the secondary level of clerk and exceeded Howard’s position. During sleepless nights, he reflects on the options for improving his life. Now, Howard discovers that the government keeps a big secret. Seriously hoping to find the answer to this mystery, he discovers that there is a parallel world. Howard does not stop on the reached and this is a new success – he was able to talk with his counterpart from a parallel world. The main character is going to know all the details of a reality with the help of his twin. Will Howard translate his plans into reality? The question is whether the government will not intervene, because this project is classified. The list of TV series provided by website.  You can download these series from the website provided.

Queen of the South is a TV series in the style of a dramatic thriller that tells the audience the story of a girl Theresa. At first, Teresa lived in Mexico, but after a drug trafficker killed her friend, she was forced to go to another country.Queen-of-the-South-USA
The main character moves to Spain, where she is going to settle down for a long time. Because of this she creates her own business, namely drug trafficking. As it should be in such situations, she is eager to avenge the murder of close for her people. Patty Farrell is a person with whom Teresa was able to start her drug business. They formed a huge network of drug trafficking, found a common language with the drug lords from Italy, France and even Russia. Queen of the South is the way how Teresa was named for her cynicism and cruelty. Will the main character manage to avenge for her friend, and can she hold so much power in her small, but very brave and strong hands?


Secret City is a TV series the storyline of which introduces the viewer to a reporter Harriet Dunkley, who has started a secret investigation of the collision which is taking place for a long time between the USA and China. She learns that in this case there were political assassinations, which were successfully hidden from the society. For the purposes of the investigation, Dunkley is going to fly to the capital of Australia in order to find a secret city populated by the corrupt officials of each of these two states. But at this point no one will be delighted with the uninvited guest, which is why, deadly threat appears over the searches of Harriet.

Animal Kingdom is a criminal drama which starts after the young man Joshua, in connection with the death of his mother, is forced to move to the relatives to Southern California.

animal-kingdom-headerThis family is controlled by Janine and her right hand is the eldest son named Pope. His other brothers are also involved in the development of the generic enterprise of Janine, committing robberies and other tasks. After the arrival of Joshua, it becomes clear that his kin is closely connected with the bandits and the most importantly, that now he even unwittingly, becomes the element of the criminal universe.

HBO thinking on a continuation of “Game of Thrones”

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The new head of HBO Casey Blois confirmed that after the end of “Game of Thrones” was invented by George RR Martin, the universe will continue. What will it be – a sequel, prequel or a spin-off, is too early to say, but the plan is already brewing in the bowels of the cable giant.

game of thrones

Blois is sure that the potential of the world of Westeros is truly boundless: “We have so many opportunities, so many uncovered areas. Now the main task – to find the right approach and screenwriter, who will be able to realize it. ”

Blois’s words confirm the information that the creators of “Game of Thrones” by David Benioff and DB Weiss will leave the universe of the series after the main show. Ahead of them are two more seasons, which will be held on an abbreviated program: seven runs in the seventh season and six – in the eighth. Earlier writers have declared that all new initiatives in the franchise will be without their participation.

Benioff and Weiss’s decision to leave his child after the completion of the series is not connected with any creative differences. According to Blois, tandem just need rest and recovery after a long period of pressure that they and their families are experiencing for a long time.

Victoria season 1

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Victoria is a historical drama that is dedicated to the personality of Queen Victoria. The plot shows the main character from the moment of her coronation at the age of 18 years. Despite such a young start on the difficult position of the monarch of the whole kingdom, she becomes the longest ruling queen in the chronicles of the UK. Since her accession to the throne, the story focuses on the film adaptation of her personal diaries. That is why there is a unique opportunity to experience all the events of the real romantic and tragic dramas of her life.

New Netflix tv Show

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New mystery series Stranger Things from the company Netflix, which is directed by Matt Daffer, Ross Daffer and Shawn Levy shows us a mysterious story that occurred during the 80s of the last century.
The plot of the series begins with the fact that in India, in 1980, there has been lost a boy, who is only twelve years old. Relatives and police have relentlessly searching for him for a long time. But more and more they are confronted with the strange circumstances. The main characters suspect that there has not been without government intervention. But even a girl possessing supernatural powers, will not stop desperate mother who is trying to find her child. Will the mother manage to find her son and understand everything what happens? The answer will be given to the viewer in this series.

Top TV Series to Download

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Second Chance is a series which tells about the events when one should decide what to do, if one would get a second chance to live the life? Would you try to correct your own mistakes or leave everything as it was? download
The main hero of the show “Second Chance” is a seventy-five year old drunkard, a terrible father, he’s disgusting about his wife and at the same time works as a sheriff. Because of the scandal with his participation Jimmy Pritchard was forced to resign. Once, he becomes a victim of a robber and Jimmy is being killed. But in this state he remained not long. Two talented people return him to the living world. Now, the main character has a new body with new features. He’s got incredible strength and regained his youth. Pritchard tries to find who the killer is and to understand why he did it in any possible way.

Looking for the best tv series to download?

Shadowhunters is a TV show to download, the main character of which is a girl named Claire. That’s her 18th birthday, in this moment she discovers that belongs to an ancient family of Shadowhunters. The best way you can download tv series free and at high speed is to use the television shows blogs, and get the links there.

They are not ordinary people – they are half angels and half people who protect the planet from various creatures from another world. ShadowhuntersUnfortunately, one of the demonic creatures kidnaps the mother of the main character. Then Claire with his friend Simon and James go to another world to save her. In other reality she will meet vampires, powerful and evil sorcerers and incredibly strong werewolves. She will have to focus her strength and ability at maximum in order to overcome all obstacles, and in so doing, she will get help of her new friends and associates. With them, she has to get through the dangerous battle between the dark and light forces.

Van Helsing is a long awaited TV series which is due out in 2016 on television Van Helsing seriesscreens around the world. This exciting series will tell you about the daughter of Professor Abraham Van Helsing, the world-famous from the movie “Dracula”. She as well as her father has different special abilities, composure and ability to make the right decisions in the most dangerous situations.

Difficult times are described in the story of the series, namely the time of the vampires. They completely took control of the world and, perhaps, nothing can stop them. However, there are still fighting forms, which strongly opposed the invasion. Vanessa Helsing is the leader, which was lacking. Whether she will be able, with the help of her abilities and leadership skills to rally the powerful militia and return their humanity peaceful and prosperous land?

Doctor Who season 10

television show

“Doctor Who is a fantastic series created by the British Air Force, first appeared on television screens back in 1963 and quickly became one of the most popular projects of the time.
The plot of the series has its origins in the 60s of the last century in the United Kingdom. A fifteen-years-old girl named Susan Foreman studies in one London school. She behaves quite strange for the time being. However, her behavior is noticed and two school teachers – Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, decide to find out what are the reasons of this. They decide to trace the young student and when Susan comes in a strange building that looks like an old barn, they immediately rush to her. However, after entering the room, the teachers find a police telephone box and a mysterious old man who calls himself the Doctor instead of the young girl. Imagine their surprise when it suddenly turned out that this phone booth is actually space-time spaceship called «TARDIS». That was only the beginning and many more incredible discoveries and adventures are waiting for the main heroes.

Cheers television show

television show

Cheers is a comedy series which first appeared on the television screens in 1982 and then it has been shown during the long eleven years. During this time, the project has become very popular either in the United States or beyond the country. It should be noted that the sitcom has been given many prestigious awards, among which twenty-eight awards “”Emmy””. Four times the show has won in the category “”Best Comedy Series”” and it makes it probably one of the most popular sitcoms in the television history.
The action takes place in Boston, namely in one of its bars called “”Cheers””, whose owner is a former professional baseball player named Sam “”Mayday”” Malone. A lot of visitors, including ordinary residents, as well as friends and acquaintances of the owner come to this bar day by day. All they come here to have a drink and chat on a variety of topics. Each series of the show has a great positive charge because it is filled with a huge number of provocative jokes and sparkling humor.