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The first episode of the popular Documentary, Mystery, Drama, television series It Takes a Thief season 1, 2 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2005-09-12 and was shown by Discovery Channel. The Show was directed and created by , . The main roles were played by such famous actors like . The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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It Takes a Thief Year 2 Total Collection of Incidents and load Alternatives

Episode manual

Episode inch

huge Burglar on-campus

air: 2005-09-12

Episode two

Diamond supplier

atmosphere daily: 2005-09-13

Jon along with his accomplices perform exactly the unthinkable once they opt to commemorate a city’s police station, fire station, and also courthouse.

Episode 3

Haven At The Hood

air: 2005-09-14

Two ladies assume their property, renter, and also embraced kid are all safe before a reformed burglar demonstrates differently. However, if Jon sees not any detectors, it is really a welcome hint to rob them. Right after writing into Matt and Jon, he’s placed into the evaluation also fails miserably.

Episode 7


air afternoon: 2005-09-19

An household believes their property in a gated community off a golf class is more safe in crooks.

Episode 8

Particular Assignment: government

air: 2005-09-20

Just one mother with 2 young girls receives a lesson at security alarm.

Episode 9

Safety He Said/She claimed

air day: 2005-09-21

A suburban pair finds a lesson about the best way best to continue to keep their property safe whenever they sail into the large city to get job.

Episode 11

Mattress and breakins

air afternoon: 2005-09-23

A police officer and also a forensic artist manage burglaries regular at job, however donothing in their own household to keep it from occurring to them.

Episode 12

huge Burglar -to Campus

air: 2005-09-12

Jon along with his accomplices confirm exactly how exposed a new york pub will be always to crooks later dividing in throughout extensive day light.

Episode 13

Crookin’ from the dim

air evening: 2006-11-06

Jon utilizes a family group’s debate about the best way best to guard their dwelling into his own advantage and also cleans out their house.

Episode 14

Production Gap


When Jon along with his accomplice pose as landscapers, they strive to demonstrate a family group that their hired support is not who they turnout to become.

Episode 15


atmosphere afternoon:

throughout joyful hour, even Jon over hears a couple of fretting concerning the toys inside their homeand monitors down the house, also robs the bunch of these pleasure.

Episode 18

B&B break in

air day: 2006-12-11

using the assistance of an accomplice, ” Jon slips to a breakfast and bed late during nighttime and instructs exactly the owners that they will need to assess ID to get everybody who remains out there.

Episode 19

higher Definition

air day: 2006-12-18

Although a household carries a calming fishing excursion, Jon along with his accomplices wash outside a secondary shore home.

Episode 20



Subsequent to the householders return into their own multi-million buck home, Jon provides their prized Jaguar into his set of stolen products.

Episode 22

stability Sisters

air: 2007-01-16

whilst a gathering has been kept onto the upper floor of the sorority home, pizza guy Jon protects out the sisters down stairs.

Episode 23

Strong Gold

air afternoon: 2007-01-22

Matt and also Jon aim a household which is full of rare souvenir and also a cupboard filled with drums.)

Episode 24

Holiday Time

air: 2007-01-29

even though a wife and husband strategy an RV excursion with a pal, Jon frees their up-stairs.) After getting frustrated by not only locating precisely the RV keys, then he also take a glance in Matt’s closed circuit TVs and moves in for around two.

Episode 27

seashore Hamlet Heist

air: 2007-02-20

If the householders of some shore front property assert above their safety, it gets the ideal goal for Jon. Matt and Jon expect that soon after their intervention, then the property owners could understand just as much about safety while the householders’ youngest kid.

Episode 28

Today You See that, Now You Do Not

atmosphere afternoon: 2007-02-26

Jon earns much more than he bargained for if he awakened your house of the family group of magicians along with your home struggles back again.

Episode 29

Swamp Item

air day: 2007-03-05

Having a swamp using a single aspect and also a huge pit into their own fencing, a family dwelling demonstrates no fit to Jon.

Episode 30

Dragon Films

air: 2007-03-12

Once being trashed in California, a monster movie adoring family members moves into the north east assured to be protected. Once Jon breaks in and steals most of these prized Godzilla toys, even your family understands offense is anywhere.

Episode 31

Rate Demons

air evening: 2007-03-19

Jon aims a home using the ATV trailer throughout the road close to their territorial garage.

Episode 32


air day: 2007-03-20

Today that her kids have transferred from our home, a mum’s safety is about the heads and set into the evaluation. Jon understands a surprising visit from law enforcement officer that resides right back.

Episode 33

canine Town and also Thief Boys

air afternoon: 2007-03-28

Jon gets his eyes put to the classic 1965 Ford Galaxy and certainly will do whatever in the future home using this. Since he attempts to produce his own fashionable retreat, the automobile turns out to be bothersome, despite the home-owner in your home.

Episode 34

Ambush make over

air: 2007-04-02

following learning that the spouse and mum is perpetually telling her spouse and children to lock the doorways and doors, Matt makes the decision to improve the design just a tad. The mum receives a very first hand glance at her household’s safety flaws because she sits at the van using Matt and watches Jon fracture in.

Episode 35


air day: 2007-04-03

Having a gain in authorities patrol, ” Jon does not have any issue dividing in to a home packed with cubes and moisturizes out the household.

Episode 37

absent in 60 Moments

air: 2007-04-10

Once Jon areas 2 basic muscle cars and trucks before a home, he is aware he has to slip them from almost any way required; even though his accomplice needs to lock the home owner at a upstairs workplace.

Episode 38

Peeping Jon

air: 2007-04-11

though loading up your household’s possessions to his truck, a nosy neighbor makes the decision to pay for Jon a trip and train him that departing your keys at the vehicle will not necessarily offer the speediest escape.

atmosphere afternoon: 2007-04-12

though company like “Murder Mystery Theater” at a striped breakfast and bed, they all have been unaware of this offense spree occurring correct upward stairs.)

Episode 40

girls in the metro

air daytime: 2007-04-13

Jon nearly destroys his pay if he walks up into that which he believed was one family dwelling and conducts right into the following family departing. After only a tiny confusion plus a couple moments, Jon arrives with his own accomplice and completes the project. Your household will so on thrown for a loop whenever they see out the man they watched since they abandoned has been that the person who assaulted them.

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