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The first episode of the popular Animation, Drama, television series Honey and Clover season 1, 2 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2006-06-29 and was shown by Fuji Television. The Show was directed and created by , . The main roles were played by such famous actors like Hiroshi Kamiya, Haruka Kudou, Tomokazu Sugita, Eddie Peng, Keiji Fujiwara, Mikako Takahashi. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Honey and Clover Time 2 Whole Collection of Incidents and load Choices

. .And today, ” I begin turning again…

atmosphere afternoon: 2006-06-29

This incident recaps the activities out of the very first year.

Episode two

Struggling to Say Everything You Need

atmosphere: 2006-07-06

Hagu begins hiccuping and also Shūji aids her prevent, having a strategy, however neglects. But, Morita turns upward, inducing her to repeatedly and immediately hiccup a-lot. Takemoto comes to support her, employing the other method, also Hagu’s hiccups quit. Yamada ends at a job to Professor Shōda, which thrilled him. Yamada and also Rika subsequently observe for finishing the undertaking. Mayama, revealing hospitality, which lets Yamada and also Rika to devote the evening time. The Morning after, Kaoru matches up using Morita. Kaoru is not suited to watch Morita in the art college, despite the fact that Morita appreciates getting there. Shūji describes to Yamada who Rika speaks much less to individuals she enjoy, providing illustrations of Mayama along with also himself. Since Rika informs Yamada that she needs to work fulltime in audio, Rika starts to hiccup. She strives utilizing Shūji’s strategy, nevertheless neglects. In the future, Mayama reveals her another approach, quitting her hiccups. Yamada attempts to shoot off her mind of her passion to get Mayama. Tamazaki discusses about Nomiya’s Emotions for Ayumi. In the Harada style Office, ” Rika gets a facsimile which she’s going to take part in a style contest at Spain to get a artwork ministry, which afterward agitates Takumi. Rika describes that Takumi may additionally engage also. But it’d have quite a while to find out the paper work necessary to engage, therefore they lack the capability togo. Later on, Takumi clarifies to Ayumi which Rika assesses the current weather prediction in her dwelling community, Sapporo, as she’s not been around in quite a lengthy moment. Nomiya requires Ayumi to request just how she actually is. In the Fujiwara Style and Design Office, ” Miwako informs Nomiya the Ayumi moved to Tottori to visit him. A day later, Yamazaki normally takes Ayumi throughout the town. Nomiya comes, simply to get to sleep facing her. Nomiya normally takes Ayumi to watch sand dunes from the afternoon. Nomiya conveys his passion to Ayumi. Shūji believes back to if Hagu chose to not publish her paintings at the prior artwork display. Shūji informs Hagu of if he moved into a art exhibition and also bought a postcard of some painting of this moonlight represented in the ocean. He told him of how Rika’s spouse expired and just how Rika received severely wounded around the shore below the moon light. Takumi proceeds to some railway together with Rika into Sapporo, unexpected her. Once they both require a shower, then they both proceed to sleep soundly to the evening time. When they’ve arrived, Takumi and also Rika push north into some land that was barren. Rika visits her daddy’s gravestone, afterward she visits her canine’s gravestone. She thanks Takumi for arriving together with her to Sapporo. Rika attempts to creep outside of this lodge, producing Takumi mad, however he starts to sob, perhaps not needing to get rid of sight of her. Takumi continues in a plane straight back again to Tokyo, although Rika belongs in a plane to Spain. In the Harada style business office, Takumi found that the accommodation in Spain experienced just two bedrooms, a for Takumi plus just one for Rika. They visit your spa and hotel to observe her achievement. Ayumi afterwards finds that Miwako was attempting to cheer up her, inducing her to shout. Nomiya gets stressed that she’s residing in Miwako’s property. The following day Yūta is infuriated that Shinobu his bread out. But, Hagu has to talk about a few of her bread together with him. Yūta declines, also Shinobu eats her bread rather. Right afterwards, Shinobu gets a telephone from Kaoru. Kaoru asks Shinobu todo a more occupation, which he hesitantly takes place. Yūta needs to have motorist’s permit when you can to be able to operate fulltime with the carpenters he’d fulfilled out of his trip. Yūta inquires Takumi why he still resides in the flat, also Takumi says he’s saving cash on Rika. Ayumi waits at the Fujiwara Style and Design Office to get Miwako, however, Nomiya abruptly visits. Ayumi begins to create feelings for Nomiya. Some pupils are getting ready to distribute their endeavors into Shinobu’s daddy, but he makes the decision to leave home early. He reveals Shinobu and Kaoru certainly one of the creations, chances are all of them consume curry for dinner. From today’s both Yūta and Hagu reveals admiration for artwork, needing to perform much more using their own artwork. In the Fujiwara style Office, ” Takumi informs Nomiya, ” Miwako, also Yamazaki who Rika will be at Spain engaging within the plan contest, dealing together with yet another architect. Rika contacts Takumi to visit Spain. Following Ayumi discovers the news out, Nomiya grabs up with consoles and her her. Shūji informs Shinobu that he wants to speak to Hagu, to not shed her as a buddy. Kaoru reminisces on his dad if he had been young. His dad gained more awareness of Shinobu compared to Kaoru, thanks to Shinobu’s creative ability. A day later, Ayumi intends every person to visit the shore. But as Takumi are in Spain for per month, then this master plan failed to workout within the long run. At a lab, his dad shows certainly one among his staff a innovation, simply to become let down in his own response. Kaoru then thinks again to if Shinobu left a remote plane, and also their daddy was happy of Shinobu. It’s shown that their daddy stinks more for Shinobu compared to Kaoru. Their uncle, their daddy’s company associate, informs Kaoru compared to dad is very much like Shinobu, reckless and so bizarre. Their uncle has been identified as having a disorder, limiting him from working out. The employee stops functioning along side the dad. He unites with a different firm, Floyd Electric. Floyd Electric concerns the lab to observe that the dad. The daddy knew previously that the uncle betrayed him. The jury informs that the dad about his disorder, also that when he had to expire, all of the rights into his own money moves into Floyd Electric, perhaps not the dad. Shinobu, Kaoru, along with also their daddy leaves the lab after most of this. Shinobu awakens out of a fantasy of the way Kaoru envied Shinobu along with also his daddy. Even a wind storm whooshes online campus grounds throughout the artwork display, also one unexpected takes place. Hagu cites that soon after graduation, everybody else will a part manners. Even the wind storm begins to snore if the artwork exhibition will probably shortly begin. Takumi matches with all the Spanish gardener, growing jealousy him over to get Rika. Takumi is mad to learn that the lodge bedrooms had been just two distinct chambers, perhaps not 1 area. The abrupt incident through the wind storm was that Hagu received seriously wounded beyond the flat surface. Every one gets quite concerned. Shinobu and Kaoru purchases out Floyd Electric, which makes them accountable. Yūta states that Hagu was worked on her mind along with her right hand, with seams for the own injury. Yūta and also Ayumi see Hagu at the clinic, however, Shūji requests them to depart. Shūji describes to Hagu that her stitches will soon emerge at fourteen times, however she will stay in the clinic for 2 weeks and then experience physical treatment. Shūji informs Yūta and also Ayumi who Hagu is not doing this nicely. She’s exact long period in order to possess expertise within her right hand, as it had been numb right after her operation. Shūji subsequently informs them that Hagu could have sensory impairments within her correct hand to the remainder of her lifetime, also that she may not have the capacity to paint anymore. Ayumi informs Nomiya which she’d need a cellular phone as a way to get Hagu within her live at a medical facility. Ayumi sews a sweater for Hagu, also then visits her at a medical facility. Shūji matches all the physical therapist, so since she provides him directions to massage Hagu’s rigid upper body. Yūta and also Ayumi visit some backyard to select flowers for Hagu, plus they see her again. Shūji informs Yūta and also Ayumi who Hagu can benefit her awareness of atmosphere within the years, but he states to these which they ought to be focusing in their own lives, rather than Hagu’s. Yūta is anxious to depart Hagu later graduation, since he does not wish to watch that her in suffering and pain. He would like in order to simply help Hagu re cover, however he’s fighting to choose whether or not to simply help her or him leave her. The physical therapist informs Ayumi who Hagu is sturdy individualrather than stopping due to sensing anxiety. But it’s likely that Hagu will never have the ability to paint again, as a result of its own ailment. Back in Spain, Takumi fades of the strategy to protect against the Spanish architect out of visiting Rika. Shinobu, abruptly yields to really go see Hagu, quite concerned about her affliction. A covetous Yūta inadvertently uttered himself if he first finds out that Ayumi compelled Shinobu to reunite. Borrowing Ayumi’s motorcycle, he immediately adheres into a medical facility. Shūji evaluations Hagu’s degree of annoyance at her right hand. She does not shout as if other kids could, nevertheless Shūji informs that it’s okay to yell. Hagu reminds himself that pulling has been an integral portion of her entire life span. Afterwards, Yūta arrives and locates Shūji to inquire in which Hagu is. Following Shūji was unsure, Yūta decided that Shinobu took her with him. In his location, Shinobu attempts to relaxation Hagu, enjoying her. Meanwhile, he Shūji informs Yūta that he’ll require a rest out of instructing. Yūta miracles when Hagu would probably be using Shinobu, however Shūji blows off him, which makes his way straight back into the hospital. Shinobu takes back her straight back into the hospital, even meeting up using Shūji. Yūta experiences Shinobu beyond the hospital. Yūta requires Shinobu into Hagu location, questioning himself when Hagu will have the capacity to paint again. Shūji visits Hagu back, also Hagu inquires when Shūji will give his life up for her, and Shūji reluctantly takes. Hagu reminisces on the time she had been with Shūji if she had been even younger. Shūji was constantly along with her. Yūta and also Shinobu wake up first in the afternoon. Yūta and also Shinobu shortly start to struggle over Hagu, but shortly reconcile. Shinobu provides a box for Shūji, however Shūji just requires a while and provides back the box into Shinobu. Shūji admits his love to get Hagu. Takumi is joyful for Shūji for announcing his own love to get Hagu. Ayumi regrets telling Shinobu regarding Hagu’s incident. Takumi clarifies to Ayumi which Hagu experienced artwork for a component of her own life, therefore that her passion to get Shinobu was unsure before. Shūji prepares to have a rest by instructing, also afterward informs Rika concerning it. Rika describes to Shūji who Takumi scolded her around Shūji. Kaoru feels accountable for making it possible for that the prior manager of Floyd Electric to stay together along with his kids and grand children. Hagu contrasts Ayumi into your dove, also Hagu would love to earn blossom doves to get Ayumi. Shinobu informs Kaoru in Regards to the pleasure workers as well as the powerful Hagu. Everybody observes the alliance of Yūta and Hagu. Here are the final night until Yūta leaves. Yūta and Hagu have been shipped to purchase ice cream. Hagu worries around Shūji, but Yūta informs her to not stress. Since Yūta leaves on a railway, Hagu calls him farewell, providing him a few bread. Within every single sandwich, then a four-leaf clover can be now seen.

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